Kea Trevett

In the classroom and in one-on-one coaching sessions, Kea’s mission as an educator is to provide the tools and a safe and supported environment to empower each artist to design their own journey to creative joy, confidence and freedom. 

Kea draws from her MFA training, her years in the field as a professional actress, and her experience as a Theatre Arts and Shakespeare educator for Theater for a New Audience, Classic Stage Company, and Classical Theater of Harlem to guide her students to hone their instrument, release tension, and remove blockages to their natural instincts. Students will develop a methodology to work moment to moment, trust their impulses, fully invest, and make bold choices grounded in a deep understanding and personal connection to the text.

Kea is also the co-founder of Apocalyptic Artists, an education-minded theater company which provides free and financially accessible theater arts workshops and programming to NYC schools and communities.

Let's Work Together!

College Audition Monologue Coaching

Shakespeare Text Coaching

Performing Shakespeare Workshops for Middle & High Schools

Playwriting Workshops for Elementary, Middle & High Schools


What Students Are Saying…
"I've never really been interested in Shakespeare, but examining this play through acting changed my view on his work. As much as I disliked being "embarrassed" from the acting videos, I kind of wanted to do more of them. It gave us a chance to express our personalities through other characters, who had their own. I definitely improved on my understanding of Shakespearean English, and on my acting skills." 

"I'm surprised by how interactive all the activities we were doing were. At no point did it feel like we were watching something be taught to us but rather that we were part of it and that definitely helped me develop a deeper understanding. I really enjoyed the time that our class had with Kea and the ways in which she works to teach." 

What Teachers Are Saying…
“The students really came alive in our work with Kea this year. Even over zoom, it was clear to see the positive difference in their energy when we were doing this work. It was a breath of fresh air for all of us.”

“Kea is amazing. I was so impressed with her creativity in making zoom work with theater activities in such an effective way. Even the other teachers that saw Kea's class (in class pods over zoom) were so impressed by what she was doing, and they enjoyed the class, too.”

“Kea is the best. The way she used students' gesture videos *floored* the kids and set the tone for the entire residency. She has a great sense of pacing and urgency that was a much needed change in routine, especially midwinter. Students adored her and we teachers couldn't be more pleased with how she incorporated and capitalized on what the students gave her. We recognize how much time and energy that takes, and it really paid off.”

“We loved Miss. Kea and looked forward to our theater class each week. Miss. Kea did such a beautiful job using all of the student's wild ideas and turning it into a great story and play! Thank you for making theater the best part of our week!”